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A limited company registered in England and Wales: 7227430
Registered office: 29 Fentiman Road, London SW8 1LD


We don't claim that our app, Freda, is good for anything - if you think it is, that's great, but it's up to you to decide. If Freda doesn't work for you, that's too bad, but it really is not our problem. If you lose millions because Freda messes up, it's you that loses the millions, not us. If you don't like this disclaimer, just don't use Freda. We reserve the right to do the absolute minimum provided by law, up to and including nothing. Our liability for loss or damage of any nature will, in any case, be limited to the amount you paid for the app.

If you have any queries regarding any of our terms, please contact us.

Privacy Policy

Turnipsoft does not collect or store any information about your use of the Freda app.

But please be aware that the app can be used to connect to on-line services (such as OneDrive and online book catalogs). When you connect to these services, the app will transmit some information over the internet; at a minimum this will include your IP address. This information could be used to identify you; to understand the implications of your IP address being used for internet access, please refer to the Wikipedia article on 'internet privacy'. Additionally, if you provide login details (for instance, a user name) for an on-line service, the app will use these details when accessing it. Turnipsoft has no control over the way that your personal information might subsequently be used by the providers of the on-line service; if concerned, you should refer to the provider's privacy policy.

The application also allows you to upload your bookshelf details and settings to OneDrive for purposes of backup and synchronisation between devices. Any information uploaded to OneDrive will be managed by Microsoft in accordance with Microsoft's applicable policies.

Our applications are distributed via app stores (such as the Windows Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store). The providers of these stores may gather information about your usage of our apps, and any purchases you may make (although Turnipsoft will not store any of this information, we can't give you any assurance about what the app store provider will do with it). If concerned, you should refer to the privacy policy of the app store.

Similarly, Freda may display advertising.

Jim Chapman